Wednesday, September 30, 2009

JJ is 2 years old!!

Last weekend, I had an awesome time photographing a sweet and peppy little boy named JJ. He is about to turn 2 years old and he is such a smart little boy! His mama warned me that he was always on the go, and boy was he! SO much energy!

Meet JJ!

He was such a ham and was totally turned on for the camera. I saw nothing but smiles from him all day!

JJ was very silly and kept screaming as loud as he could! His mama said he knows he's not allowed to do it at home, so he gets it all out on the playground.

This is one of my favorites from the session.

JJ's parents love him so much! Daddy went down the slide with him and Mama went squirrel hunting with him!

How cute is he?

Isn't his mama beautiful?

This was JJ all morning. Run run run!!

JJ's parents taught him sign language and here he is demonstrating "danger." His mama told him to be careful that he didn't fall of the side of the playground and JJ automatically signed "danger."

Mama's always there to help.

JJ loved that lollipop.

What a little model!!!

Thanks for letting me photograph you JJ! I had a wonderful time! :)


Julia said...

Kat! These photos are outstanding! What a beautiful little boy! Great model, and great photographer!

Katherine Klegin said...

Thanks Jules :)

Jeremy said...

I second that emotion! Great model and a great photographer...I couldn't get shots that good if I followed JJ around with a camera all day (and I have!!!)

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