Sunday, May 24, 2009

Caroline's Bridal Portraits | Alexandria Virginia Photographer

Now that my baby sister is married off, I can show you the bridal portraits of her we took last month. She was the most BEAUTIFUL bride I've ever seen and the wedding was TONS of fun!

Love this one.

This one might be my favorite.

My sister and law and I both have bridal portraits that look like this, so my mom requested this one for her collection.

Her future's so bright, she needs shades.


LOVE the pink feather boa!

And here's where she really turned her model on. :-P

My mom owns about 234923409 pairs of pearl necklaces, so we decided to put them to good use for this shot.

Good night she's hot.

Caroline wore these blue shoes for the reception. SUCH a fun pop of color.

LOOK at those eyes. Homegirl is STUNNING.

After about 20 people drove by whooping and hollering because my sister is so hot.

One of my faves of the day!

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