Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Turner Family Part Two | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

Here's a few of sweet Luke.

LOVE this one.

James has a very sneaky look in his eyes.

John had an awesome idea! Climb into a tree for some pictures!!

John: Uh oh. Now how do I get down?

Teaching James how to climb his first tree.

Luke-er-dee-do needed a little snack.

So happy!

Mama Paige stealing some kisses from baby Luke.

John is a great daddy. He is so patient and you can tell he really loves his boys.


Holly said...

These pictures are so fantastic, Katherine!! You are so talented, can't wait to see how Caroline's bridal portraits come out.

Stephen Baird said...

great setups and photography. beautiful.

Paige said...

LOVE these! You are so wonderful!

Katherine Klegin said...

Thank you so much!

Paige, I had so much fun with y'all. I'll get you the CD at church this weekend!

Paige's Aunt Paula said...

These pictures are great of the Turners. Fantastic job!

Jennifer said...

Great Pics. You really did an awesome job!!

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